It goes without saying that the brakes are important. You apply the brake, your vehicle stops, you're safe, everyone's safe. But, brake shelf life isn't permanent and that's why at Hometown Toyota, our service center is here for all your brake maintenance and repair, giving those in Ontario, OR and nearby Boise. Repairs are important, and so is saving, which is why we encourage you to take advantage of the many brake specials we offer!

Whether you need complete brake service, a pad replacement, or a rotor resurface, our specials have you covered. Those squeaking noises coming when you brake, or the pulsating in the brake pedal? That's a sign you should come through and have our team take a look. Over time your brakes, rotors, and pads wear down and at regular intervals you should have them repaired and replaced. You want your stopping power to be at its highest and that's what our service can provide you in addition to the savings.

Good brakes, like any other automotive service goes a long way toward keeping your vehicle on the road. With Toyota vehicles, you can count on us to have the right brake pads and rotors that are the exact specifications for your car, truck or SUV, and provide you with expert level installation. Being able to keep your brakes working around Ontario or Boise, or in between on I-84 in any driving condition is a must, and whether it's on your service schedule or you sense something might be off with your brakes, bring it to us and we can take a closer look, all while you save.

If you have any other questions about brake services and what to look for when you need repairs, contact us at Hometown Toyota and we'd be happy assist you in any way we can!

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