Can you remember what your parent told you when you got your first car? After "stay safe" he or she probably said, "make sure you get regular oil changes." It's one thing your parents are right about. Oil changes are important. Without regular oil changes, your vehicle performance is impacted in a variety of ways. Lucky for you, Hometown Toyota is your resource for oil changes as our service center in Ontario, OR provides those locally and out to Boise standout oil change options, including many oil change specials to keep you on the road, and your Toyota running smoothly.

There are plenty of benefits to regular oil changes, which should happen every 3,000 to 6,000 miles depending on your driving habits. If you're a big commuter up and down I-84 and annually put lots of miles on your Toyota, you should lean toward having regular oil changes in the 3,000-mile range. As for the advantage, here are a few:

  • Your engine is going to run smoother as oil lubricates and cleans your engine's moving parts, while changes clean out any dust and debris that collects in the oil filter
  • You'll continue to maintain high levels of fuel economy from your Toyota, as a smoothly run engine with fresh oil provides more efficient use of fuel
  • The engine is going to last longer because it won't have as much build up and wear down as oil changes can help keep the engine's functionality high and you going much further
  • Getting regular oil changes done also gives us the chance to inspect other issues, and if we spot something that might be a serious issue, we can fix it before the problem, and the cost gets out of hand for you

The oil change specials in our Toyota service center here in Ontario serving Boise would be happy to provide you with all the insight you need. Contact us to learn more and we can get started at Hometown Toyota today with a service appointment.

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