Why Buy Used in Ontario, OR

There aren't many feelings that top purchasing a new vehicle. The new feel of the steering wheel and the sheer enjoyment as you hit the accelerator makes car shopping so much fun. While buying a brand-new vehicle has it's own perks, we're here to discuss why buying a pre-owned vehicle should be on your radar. Read on below to find out why the Used lot should never escape the back of your mind!
What Really Matters - Money
Money always has and always will play a huge part in purchasing a new vehicle. Buying used is one way to save a bit of cash. Naturally it's easy to assume that used vehicles will be cheaper than new ones, but it's not that simple. When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle you can't just look at it as "it's used it's less expensive". You can often get higher trim levels and more features for much less money. Also, often times some of the afterthought costs are cheaper, such as insurance and repair bills!
New To You
Oh, and when people say that getting a pre-owned vehicle doesn't feel the same... yeah right. We see some of the most enjoyable shopping on our used lot. The key is to remember that this vehicle is still new to you. Whether or not someone else has driven it for 10,000 miles is irrelevant. You'll feel like a brand new person behind the wheel of your vehicle.

Join us at Hometown Toyota in Ontario, OR and experience this feeling. We have one of the biggest selections in the area and we pride ourselves on offering the best quality, pre-owned vehicles around. Don't settle, head to Steve's Hometown Toyota today!
Used Car Buying Frequently Asked Questions
Buying a used car is even more stressful than buying a new car. There’s a lot to consider—you have to make sure the car is in good condition, considering its age and mileage, and so much more. Here are some answers to common questions about buying used cars.
Q: Should I buy a used car outright or finance?
A: This depends on the price of the car and how much you’re able to save. If you find a car for $5,000 or under--and you have the cash--it’s smart to pay the full amount—especially since cars this cheap are likely a few years old, so the interest you’d pay if you financed wouldn’t be worth it. For a newer, more expensive car, financing is probably your only option.

Q: How do I budget for my car?
A: Making sure the car you buy is within your budget is the most important part of buying used. If you decide to save up and buy a car outright, don’t put all your eggs in one basket—you don’t want to pour all your savings into a car and not have anything left over. If you’re financing, make sure you can afford the monthly payment, and if possible save a little so you can make a down payment and reduce the monthly payment.

Q: How do I know the car isn’t a lemon?
A: Inspections! Get a Carfax report, have a mechanic look the car over. Even if you’re at a dealership, it’s still a good idea to go to an independent mechanic. Many dealerships will let you take the car on an extended test drive.

Q: What are certified used cars?
A: Certified cars are used cars that dealerships inspect and repair so they’re in great condition. Certified is more expensive, but more reliable!
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