New Toyota Hybrid Vehicles for Sale in Ontario, OR

Find Your Match with a Toyota Hybrid Near Boise

At Hometown Toyota, drivers who are seeking an eco-friendly ride and added fuel economy can find a standout selection of options here in our showroom. Toyota offers a full range of hybrid vehicles and gives you the opportunity to find your ideal fit and enjoy standout, long-lasting driving in a Toyota hybrid.

Your Toyota Hybrid Choices

There are multiple Toyota Hybrid options. It includes sedans and hatchbacks such as popular Toyota Prius along with the Corolla Hybrid, Camry Hybrid and Avalon Hybrid. You'll also find hybrid SUVs which includes the RAV4 Hybrid, the new 2021 Toyota Venza, and the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. There are also the Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrids. These choices allow you to select a standout vehicle based on your lifestyle needs, while knowing a hybrid powertrain is providing the boost for you to get where you need to be.

Toyota Hybrids Offer Efficient Power

With each new Toyota hybrid, you're going to find it functions on the Toyota Hybrid System. This pairs a respective Toyota hybrid vehicle, be it a sedan or SUV with a gasoline and electric motor combination. It also has a power control unit, power split device, generator and battery pack as well as a specialized transmission to deliver power to the wheels and maximize efficiency by transitioning from gas to electric power, while also regenerating power via braking for the batter. The engine type and power depends on each individual Toyota hybrid.

On vehicles such as the Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime, you'll find plug-in hybrid technology which allows for an electric only range that can be charged up at a charging station

Technology and Safety

You're going to find technology that gives you the choice to drive as efficient as possible with different driving modes, plus you'll find the standard technology you expect on any new Toyota vehicle which includes a touch display, smartphone integration and more. There's also Toyota Safety Sense™ onboard each Toyota hybrid as well, plus systems that alert and monitor your surroundings to keep you confident and safe on the road.