Why Buy A Toyota
Toyota has a rich history of consistently churning out vehicles that are highly efficient, often the most efficient on the road. They are known for their reliability and particularly their durability, having developed a reputation for odometers that display numbers not many other vehicles can achieve.
The features offered on the latest Toyota models easily answer the question “Why buy Toyota?”


Toyota vehicles offer the most advanced in-cabin technology. Entune is a robust infotainment system, featuring an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. On select models, the Entune AppSuite enhancement gives you access to navigation and other great apps.
Etune - Hometown Toyota


Toyota vehicles are known for providing a relaxed and comfortable ride. Part of that has to do with the advanced safety features. It starts with the Impact Absorbing Body Structure that is designed to divert energy away from the cabin with strategic positioning of crumple zones. Cutting-edge safety options like Blind Spot Monitor and Lane Departure Alert dramatically enhance your peace of mind.
Toyota Safety Sense - Hometown Toyota

Hybrid Electric Options

The Toyota lineup shows enormous versatility, especially in its electric and hybrid options. The Prius offers a variety of trims, each one its own version of awesome. The Camry, the Corolla, and the Highlander are all offered in a hybrid model.
Hybrid Synergy Drive - Hometown Toyota