How to Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

At Hometown Toyota Scion, we care about your entire vehicle experience, including what fuel economy you get. We offer plenty of fuel efficient cars to help, but there are things you can do with any vehicle to reduce fuel consumption.

The less fuel you use, the more money you have for other things. Cutting down on fuel consumption also reduces pollution, something everyone can appreciate. Following are some useful fuel economy tips you can put into action today.

Driving Habits

One of the biggest ways to impact fuel efficiency for any vehicle is to change how you drive. That means first and foremost, you need to become aware of what you’re doing while behind the wheel. Too often, people get in their car and just drive, not really paying attention to their own habits.

Everyone seems to be in a rush these days. Many lead a busy life, but constantly driving fast will increase fuel consumption. It might take a little longer to get places, but you’ll save on gas. Also, don’t accelerate quickly or abruptly hit the brakes suddenly. Accelerate evenly and anticipate stops ahead, coasting toward them. This will significantly cut down on fuel consumption, especially when driving in the city.

Instead of idling while waiting to pick someone up or sitting in a drive-through, shut the engine off. There’s a reason why so many new cars have a stop/start system for the engine. Idling absolutely kills fuel efficiency, even if you only do it for a minute.

On that note, you shouldn’t warm your car up for too long. Ideally, you let it sit and idle for 30 seconds or one minute, then drive off. That’s tough in the dead cold of winter, because climbing into a car interior that’s already warm feels much better, but that habit doesn’t help with fuel efficiency in the least.

Vehicle Maintenance

You need to take care of your car if you want to reduce fuel consumption. These habits don’t take much time, and they come with more benefits than just saving gas.

One of the biggest things you can do is check the tire pressure once a month. Always follow the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, not the info printed on the side of the tire.

Maintain oil changes regularly. A properly lubricated engine will work efficiently, and one that isn’t will need to work harder to maintain any speed. Again, the manufacturer has recommended intervals for this, which is important in maintaining your car.

When you have your oil changed, ask the technician to check the air filter. Most shops automatically do this. A clogged air filter will cause a vehicle to run less efficiently, and a new filter costs a minimal amount.

Keep It Light

Finally, there’s all the unnecessary burdens you might be carrying around, which also hurt fuel efficiency. The heavier a vehicle, the more fuel it needs to burn to maintain speed, so find ways to shed some of that weight.

The quickest way to do this is to go through the interior and cargo areas, removing anything you don’t need. This can include sports equipment, books, clothing, tire chains in the summer, etc. You don’t need to be extreme in your quest to dump weight, but the more you lose the more you stand to benefit.

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How to Reduce Your Fuel Consumption at Hometown Toyota